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I can't remember how or why, but years ago I nonchalantly joined a Facebook group called the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition. At the time I was interested in learning what all the rave was about homebirth (side note, my husband was born at home in New Hampshire 30+ years ago) but I didn't have any other intentions that to squelch my curiosity.

I walked into a charming historic home in downtown Paducah, that had been turned into an adorable little natural mama and baby boutique. There I met Mary Kathryn DeLodder and a few other women that were a part of this coalition. We chatted for a couple of hours, I learned a little more about the status of homebirth in Kentucky, and walked away with this little ember of passion that I didn't know quite yet would turn into a roaring flame. 

Now I want to help cultivate that flame in you!

That ember turned into a flame, that turned into a roaring fire!

Not only did I become more active in birth advocacy in my state; but I now volunteer as one of the leaders of the Kentucky Birth Coalition, alongside several other inspiring and legislatively savvy women. Our grassroots coalition was the driving force behind the passage of HB311: An Act to License Certified Professional Midwives, and because of our efforts, Kentucky families have access to homebirth midwives, and our midwives are now safe from prosecution.

I also serve my fellow doulas in their advocacy efforts within DONA International and have helped organize lobby day events, met with many state legislators, and reviewed legislation at both the state and national levels. 

Are you ready to effect change in your state?

I am now offering my expertise to my fellow birth professionals. If you are ready to take the plunge and take your advocacy work outside of the birth room to the next level click the link below so we can chat and get a game plan loaded with action items together for you!


You entered this field to serve and help others. Changing legislation to improve birth for all families in your state is incredibly powerful! It is hard work that requires longevity, but with guidance and the right team, I

it is possible!

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